Test Driving NearPod with a LIVE Session

On Friday I boldly experimented using NearPod during a LIVE synchronous session for my Math Methods – Teaching Math to Pre-K to 4th grade students.

I let my students (who are all going to be future teachers) know that I was experimenting and that things may not work exactly how I had planned.

I’d created the lesson in NearPod beforehand and then launched it live during my Microsoft Teams meeting.

It allowed all of my students to participate in open-ended questions, live polls, and also post responses on a collaborate board.

At the end of the session, I was able to have a report emailed to me which showed all of the student responses and provided great formative assessment information to me.

This was a great success. Total participation was up, and I gave myself and them another arrow for their quiver in these challenging days of online instruction.

The best part is that NearPod can be used as a free tool for teachers.

Check it out! It can work for all levels of students – K-12 and higher education, too!

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Hack Learning Interview: Education Technology and the 4 Cs with Stephanie Budhai and Laura McLaughlin Taddei

Mark Barnes from Hack Learning interviewed Stephanie and I on integrating technology into the classroom and helping teachers move technology integration from substitution to transforming teaching and learning.

We talk about the purposeful integration of technology and how can we use this technology to help students develop the 4 Cs (creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication). 

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Podcast: Teaching the Four Cs with Technology

Stephanie and I share strategies and technologies for teaching essential 21st century skills with BAM Radio host Mike Janatovich. We focus not on the technology, but the learning that occurs. 

Listen online, and let me know what you think!