I’m Dr. Laura McLaughlin, an Associate Professor of Education.

I’m a passionate and caring leader in higher education with over 15 years of administrative, teaching, and varied departmental and institutional roles. 

I have over 10 years of online course and program development, design and delivery.

I thrive in environments where I am considered an authentic and trusted partner and where relationships are reciprocal.

I seek opportunities to share my knowledge, helping others make informed decisions and where collaboration is encouraged.

I want to engage and motivate those around me to embrace their passions and abilities to create growth, change and innovation.

I believe in advocating for social justice and policy changes that support people and remove barriers while growing programs in flexible, sustainable, and creative ways.

Let’s Work Together!

A Few Thoughts To Discuss…

Truth Decay

According to RAND researchers, we need an education overhaul and I could not agree more. They call the new threat to our society the “Truth Decay” and the issues coming from this phenomenon are: political paralysis, erosion of civil discourse, and widespread uncertainty. If we cannot agree on basic facts (such as the COVID 19 […]