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Welcome to Teaching the 4 Cs with Technology: How do I use 21st century tools to teach 21st century skills?

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Share your Story with Us – How do you integrate the 4 C’s?

Please feel free to share your own story or stories on ways you integrate technology and the 4 C’s and complete our short survey. We intend to share these stories in future publications:__http://goo.gl/forms/BCsCbnQBY6__.

About our Book:

Our book, Teaching the 4 Cs with Technology, provides teachers, technology coordinators, and instructional coaches with resources and ideas to meet the 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity with the use of technology. In addition, we provide suggestions on how to move from the substitution stage to the redefinition stage. The chapters focus on each of the 4 C’s, provide practical tips, and then break each C down according to subskills as defined by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. We also hope to gather stories from other teachers, administrators, technology coordinators, and instructional coaches of how they have integrated technology to meet the 4 C’s too. We also want this wiki to be collaborative. So if you are interested, please join the wiki by clicking on the Join button in the upper right corner, so you can add your own resources too. Also, to navigate to the different pages, please click on All pages and then on the page you would like to visit.

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