A passionate leader in higher education with over 15 years of administrative, teaching, and varied departmental and institutional roles. I have 10+ years of online course and program development, design and delivery. I thrive in environments where people are respected, trusted and given the freedom to use their skills and abilities to lead and teach. I want to engage and motivate those around me to embrace their passions and abilities to create growth, change and innovation. I believe in advocating for social justice and policy changes that support students and remove barriers while growing programs in flexible, sustainable, and creative ways. I pride myself on driving innovation, quality, and growth to the highest ethical, moral, and professional standards.


Doctorate of Education, Higher Education Academic Leadership 

Dissertation – Preservice Teacher Perceptions of their Level of Preparedness to be Culturally Responsive Educators

Widener University, Chester, PA

Masters of Education – Elementary Education Certification 

Cabrini College, Radnor, PA

BA, Organizational Dynamics and Human Performance Management

Immaculata University, Immaculata, PA

Teaching Highlights

  • Full-time faculty teaching in higher education for 15+ years.
  • Recipient of Faculty Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching for integrating innovative teaching and critical thinking in meeting the needs of diverse learners (2015 and 2022)
  • Designed and taught online courses and programs for over 10+ years using multiple course learning  systems. 
  • Teaching and modeling skills in innovation, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration in the classroom and beyond
  • Specialist in: diversity and social justice, faculty development, early childhood, online teaching and learning, online course and program development, training and development, assessment, accreditation, leadership, collaboration, instructional coaching, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurism
  • Chaired numerous doctoral committees supporting doctoral candidates to successful defense
  • Served as student teaching supervisor for multiple preservice teacher candidates

Teaching Experience

Professor of Education – Neumann University

  • Teach undergraduate and graduate courses in education leadership and early childhood; advise undergraduate and graduate students as assigned
  • Developed and created online PDE-approved Instructional Coach Endorsement Program for the Graduate Program; developed PDE-approved Teaching Intern Certificate program  
  • Collaborate with the Director of Field Experiences as well as Service Learning sites to provide students with service learning opportunities; integrate service learning into courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels and work with community partners to provide students opportunities to work with children in diverse settings.

Faculty Development – Harcum College, Bryn Mawr 

Created and taught an online course for faculty initially to meet accreditation needs of dental and EFDA faculty, but the course was then opened up to all faculty who wanted to improve their teaching and methodology.  

Adjunct Professor – Kaplan University – Online Instructor

Assistant Professor Harcum College, Bryn Mawr 

Adjunct Professor of Education and Early Childhood – Delaware County Community College


Faculty Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching – Neumann University (2015 and 2022)

This award is given to a full-time faculty member based on the discipline, ability to generate critical thinking, teaching techniques used to accommodate different learning styles, and encouragement of student development at a graduate level.

Administrative Highlights

  • Over 15 years of administrative, teaching, and varied departmental and institutional roles planning, organizing, and representing our programs to students, faculty, and the public
  • Served as Associate Program Director for the early childhood education program at Harcum College, overseeing day-to-day operations of the department including budgets, course scheduling, staffing, risk management, compliance, certification, cross-functional coordination, internal and public communications, marketing, and program assessment
  • Focused on recruiting, engaging, and tailoring programs for adult learners/graduate students
  • Responsible for developing, implementing, recruiting, marketing and coordinating an accelerated hybrid program for early childhood professionals, subsequently serving as advisor/co-coordinator with approximately 200 students since program inception. 
  • Innovatively sharing, collaborating, and educating with new ideas and perspectives aimed at achieving program growth and results that matter
  • Chaired the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee
  • Chaired the Faculty Development Committee
  • Served as secretary of faculty senate

Professional Leadership

Board Member, St. James Regional Catholic School, Ridley Park, PA

Vice-Chair, Higher Education Advisory Board, Widener University, Chester, PA

Board member, Higher Education Advisory Board, Widener University, Chester, PA

Administrative Experience

Rising STARS Program Coordinator and Advisor – Neumann University

  • Direct students to the admission process; contact admissions when student issues arise. Serve as academic advisor for all students in the program
  • Help resolve student issues or direct students to the proper place related to technology, billing, financial aid, admissions, disability services. 
  • Review transcripts and ensure that all pertinent coursework is assigned to the correct course; ask Dean to review these courses and approve if acceptable. 
  • Provide support and guidance regarding program requirements including teacher certification tests
  • Develop and create the schedules of courses offered for three locations each semester
  • Assist in staffing courses; provide support and information to adjuncts 
  • Communicate with registrar, financial aid, academic affairs and administrative departments to solve problems, troubleshoot, answer questions and assist departments as needed with departmental and student issues
  • Assist with organizing and coordinating on-campus and off-campus locations, recruitment/marketing initiatives; maintain and update information on websites, brochures, etc.
  • Recruit and recommend adjunct instructors to dean

Director of Faculty Development – Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA

  • Developed and administered a portfolio of successful faculty innovation initiatives—such as faculty inquiry groups, workshops and boot camps—that lead to the ongoing improvement of student learning.
  • Worked with faculty in the design of outcomes-based curriculum for new and existing programs and courses.  Assisted with selection of teaching strategies, assessment instruments/tools, data collection, and data analysis.  
  • Provided multiple opportunities for faculty to learn about best practices in curriculum development and assessment.
  • Worked with faculty, coordinators, directors and deans to build in curriculum mapping across courses, programs and the General Education Core curriculum.
  • Developed various forms of communication designed to further the development of a culture of assessment at the college.
  • Supported the development and implementation of the Center’s strategic plan, including monitoring the achievement of program goals and objectives.
  • Served as a member of the Distance Education Committee.  

Associate Program Director of Early Childhood Department – Harcum College, Bryn Mawr

  • Managed administrative duties, course design, teaching and advising of students, designed online/hybrid courses
  • Assisted with departmental budget; attend budget hearings; complete purchase requisitions
  • Facilitated the development of department strategic objectives and plan along with the department’s conceptual framework and new mission statement.  
  • Communicated with registrar, financial aid, academic affairs and administrative departments to solve problems, trouble-shoot, answer questions and assist departments as needed with departmental and student issues
  • Researched and designed educational materials and instructional methods
  • Completed and led self-study, created key assessments, analyzed data for key assessments, made recommendations and changes to program for accreditation in National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
  • Visited off-site campus locations and served as a representative of the ECE department; answer questions; solve problems and help students and ECE instructors succeed; observe and evaluate ECE instructors on-campus and at off-site locations
  • Recruit, interview and recommend adjunct instructors; hold in-service sessions, ensure NAEYC key assessments are completed and data is used to improve the program. 

Director Credential Program – Harcum College, Bryn Mawr

  • Handled inquiries concerning program; developed and delivered hybrid/online courses for director credential program; promoted program and handled registrations 

Significant Dissertation Committee Service

  • Committee Chair – Principal Efficacy and Multi Tiered Systems of Support
  • Committee Chair – Pennsylvania School Principals Perceptions of Teacher Interview Hiring Practices
  • Committee Chair – A Phenomenology of the Retention of Novice Principals in Urban Districts
  • Committee Chair – Perceived Influence of Mandated Instructional Coaching Programs in Comparison to Voluntary Instructional Coaching Programs on Teacher Self-Efficacy

Committee Service

  • Chair – Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee – Neumann University
  • Chair – Faculty Development Committee – Harcum College
  • Co-Chair, Advisory Committee for National Association for the Education of Young Children Accreditation – Harcum College
  • Curriculum Committee – Neumann University & Harcum College
  • MSCHE – Subcommittee Assessment – Neumann University
  • E-Learning Committee – Neumann University
  • Website Steering Committee – Harcum College
  • Faculty Senate Secretary – Harcum College
  • Faculty Affairs Committee – Harcum College

Significant Publications


Preservice Teacher Perceptions of their Level of Preparedness to be Culturally Responsive Educators  


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Preskill and Brookfield (2009) described a learning leader as leaders who create “environments for healthy, fully realized human beings by ensuring that relationships were inclusive, empowering and respectful” (p. 213).  This presentation will explore the concept of faculty being learning leaders.  As faculty leading students, we want to create an environment as described by Preskill and Brookfield.  Some of the strategies that will be explored in this presentation are using critical thinking, narrative learning and analyzing experience.  

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Significant Research

  • Exploring participant’s mindset on innovation and the basic understanding of innovation 
  • Narrative inquiry examining the reflections of participants on their collaborative and team experiences and whether peer to peer support influenced their success while completing their course or program 
  • Action Research examining the reflections of participants on their service learning experience 
  • Researching the impact of voice recorded reflections’ on cognitive presence in a hybrid course, guided by the research question: How does the use of voice-recorded reflections impact critical thinking and deeper learning for students participating in a service learning experience 
  • Exploring the integration and narrative stories of teachers regarding technology and the 21st century skills known as the 4 C’s, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity (ongoing)
  • Mentor Teacher Perception of the Preparedness of Undergraduate Students in a Field Experience Context to be Culturally Responsive Educators