Nurturing Young Innovators

Find ways to help young people develop creativity and innovation

About Our Book

How can we foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurism in young children?

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  • We provide specific examples, tools and practical ways to ignite these skills in young children 
  • Many of the stories and examples came from teachers and community members who responded to our request for stories 
  • Sample lesson plans are included connected to national standards
  • Please click the picture above and read an excerpt from our book

What are some ways to engage families and the community in supporting young innovators?

  • Each chapter includes Community Connections where community members share tips and stories of their work with young children
  • Sample project ideas and ways to engage families and the community are included within the book
  • Click the picture above to read an excerpt from the inspiring foreword written by Drew Boyd, coauthor of Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results

How can teachers and adults who work with young children support each other in nurturing young innovators?

  • Teachers benefit from sharing ideas with one another. After each chapter, reflection questions are available to guide a learning community focused around nurturing our youngest learners.
  • Resources are provided in Appendix A to support each chapter including websites, Ted talks, Twitter hashtags to follow, and more.

Think You’re Innovative?

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I am passionate about the need to nurture young innovators and love to share our ideas and collaborate. Are you interested in finding ways to help young people develop creativity and innovation skills? I believe in teaching these skills as early as possible to build skills in science and technology, engineering and mathematics. Contact me today to learn more about these easy ways to bring creative tools to the classroom, school or community. 

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