Tech Tools and Integrating the 4 Cs

One thing we stress is that it is not necessarily the tool that matters, but how the tool is used, and also how the tool changes the teaching and the learning environment. We do not want to use technology just for the sake of using technology. We provide on this page tools you can use to think through integrating technology while meeting the 4 Cs and progressing through the SAMR ladder. If you have joined this wiki, you may also add your own resources and ideas to this page. We look forward to the collaboration opportunities:

We created a document showing the alignment between the 4 Cs and the SAMR level. These are the tools we used within the book to provide tips and suggestions on how to improve teaching and learning of the 4 Cs through the use of technology. There are so many technology tools and apps we did not include, but please create your own chart and share with us if you would like.


This tool can be accessed in Google Drive here:

If you would like to create your own document showing alignment of the tools you use, please click below:

Template_TechToolsAppOrganizedby21stCenturySkillAreaSAMRLevel (3).docx

This tool can be accessed in Google Drive here:

Action Plan for Teachers on Ways they will be Creative and Innovative in their Classroom Using Technology:
This action plan provides teachers with a way to record and document their ideas and then reflect back on their experience. This can also be a way for them to share what they are doing with their peers and administrators. There will be a section including the 4 C’s and how what they are doing promotes these 21st century skills. This document was created in Google Docs and once you click on the link, you can download the document in Google Docs –

Here is the document as a Word file you can download here: ActionPlan-Technologyandthe4Cs.docx