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Teaching in 2020 – Please take our short survey!!!

Please help us by completing and sharing this short survey. The survey should only take about 5 minutes to complete.

We are collecting research to help us provide resources and tools that are practical, quick, and easy to implement with the goal of increasing student engagement and learning.

We want to know what is working and what are some challenges that others are facing during this time.

This survey applies to anyone who is teaching in 2020 from early childhood through higher education.

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Encouraging creativity and innovation in yourself and your students

Although this was originally written 7 years ago, it is still relevant today, especially given the current changes we are facing in education! What a great time to model to our students the importance of taking calculated risks while trying something new.

Taddei, L. (2013). Encouraging creativity and innovation in yourself and your students. Faculty Focus  

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Supporting English Language Learners

Here’s a short 5-minute video related to English Language Learners and how we can support our students and advocate for them:

The resources discussed in the video along with additional ones are linked here: 

Resources to Support English Language Learners

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Total Participation Techniques

Do you want to engage your learners in higher order thinking and get all learners actively participating?

Total Participation Techniques are a game changer and can be used at all levels of teaching and learning, and can easily be used virtually as well.

Himmele & Himmele (2011) created this resource that never gets old. It is truly one of the best resources I have found as an educator.

I created a Loom video sharing some of my students’ work creating TPT folders in one of our courses as well as key ideas from TPTs and how to use them in both a virtual and face to face setting: How to Use TPTs to Engage Your Learners

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What’s Your Math Story?

As a methods teacher, I have been teaching current and future teachers how to teach many content areas.

Many of my students have anxiety when it comes to their confidence in teaching math to young children.

I ask them to share their math stories and many of my students share math stories that are not positive.

How can we change our own math stories? How can we help our students and children have positive math stories and a growth mindset that sees themselves as mathematicians?

Check out this enlightening Ted talk from Dan Finkel where he gives five principles of extraordinary math teachers that can help us change their stories.

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Podcast: Teaching the Four Cs with Technology

Stephanie and I share strategies and technologies for teaching essential 21st century skills with BAM Radio host Mike Janatovich. We focus not on the technology, but the learning that occurs. 

Listen online, and let me know what you think!