If we want our students to develop innovation skills, we need to be open to risk-taking and mistakes.

Dr. Laura McLaughlin, Teaching the 4Cs with Technology, 2015

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Nurturing Young Innovators: Cultivating creativity in the classroom, home, and community

Wow, we loved writing this book. It draws on so much of what I teach and have learned from MY students about engaging young learners in creativity ANYWHERE they are. I know you’ll find great ideas and I hope you’ll offer your own suggestions, too. [Ad Pandemicus: Working with children at home demands more creativity and I’m SO interested in helping us all get through this. I hope this book helps. Hang in there.]

Taddei, L. & Budhai, S. (2017). Nurturing young innovators: Cultivating creativity in the classroom, home, and community. International Society for Technology in Education. https://www.iste.org/resources/product?id=4004&name=Nurturing+Young+Innovators

If we expect our students to take risks and try new things, we as educators need to model the idea of responsible risk-taking.

Dr. Laura McLaughlin, Nurturing Young Innovators, 2017

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